Less vs Fewer: How to Use Fewer vs Less Correctly


Less vs fewer!!! Learn the difference between fewer vs less and how to use them in a sentence. Less vs Fewer Less or fewer??? What’s the difference between Fewer vs Less? Fewer and less are commonly confused words in English, or rather, less is used while fewer tends to fall by the wayside. When to Use Less Less is used when talking about things … Read more

Mistakes with Adverbs: Common Grammar Mistakes in English

Common Mistakes with Adverbs

Learn common mistakes with adverbs!!! In this lesson, we will learn about some common mistakes with adverbs and how to avoid them.  Common Mistakes with Adverbs Learn common grammatical errors in the use of adverbs in English. Below are some common grammar mistakes in the use of adverbs in English. Incorrect: I am much happy to see you. Correct: I am very happy … Read more

Commonly Confused Words: 20+ Pairs of English Words We Often Confuse

Commonly Confused Words

Commonly confused words in English!!! Here is a collection of some of the commonly confused words that you often encounter. Commonly Confused Words Here are the most commonly confused words: 1. Allowed vs Aloud Mutual funds have allowed people to become longer-term investors. Joanne, would you read the poem aloud? 2. Who vs Whom Who are you? Whom did … Read more