College vs University: What’s the Difference between University vs College?

College vs University

College vs university!!! What is the difference between a college and a university? The definitions below will help you determine the major differences between university vs college. College vs University College Definition and Examples College is an educational institution for higher learning that typically offers undergraduate degrees. Usually, colleges are either affiliated to a university … Read more

Further vs Farther: How to Use Farther vs Further Correctly


Further vs farther? What’s the difference between farther vs further? Further vs Farther When to Use Further We use further when we talk about figurative distance. It is used as an adverb, adjective, or verb. Further Examples: There is room for further improvement in English. He’d do anything to further his own interests at the company. Sam … Read more

Despite vs Although: How to Use Despite vs Although Correctly?


Despite vs although in this lesson, we learn the differences between despite vs although and how to use them correctly. Despite vs Although What’s the difference between despite and although? When to Use Despite Despite is a preposition. After despite we use a noun or a pronoun. Despite cannot link clauses. Examples: Despite the bad … Read more

Another vs Other vs the Other: How to Use them in English Sentences

Another vs Other vs the Other

Another vs other vs the other – What’s the difference? This lesson helps you learn how to use another vs other vs the other correctly in your sentences. Another vs Other vs the Other When to Use Another Another is used with singular countable nouns. It means one more, an alternative. Examples: Can you manage another piece of … Read more

Commonly Misspelled Words: How to Spell them Correctly?

Commonly Misspelled Words

Commonly Misspelled Words in English!!! Here’s a list of the 25 common misspelled words. Most Commonly Misspelled Words These are some common spelling mistakes you need to know… Incorrect: Calender Correct: Calendar   Incorrect: Definately Correct: Definitely   Incorrect: Tommorrow Correct: Tomorrow   Incorrect: Noticable Correct: Noticeable   Incorrect: Dissappear Correct: Disappear   Incorrect: Convinient Correct: Convenient   Incorrect: Deterioreit Correct: Deteriorate   Incorrect: Beggining Correct: Beginning   Incorrect: Arguement Correct: Argument   … Read more