Military Acronyms: Glossary of 110+ Commonly Used Military Acronyms

Military Acronyms

Military acronyms!!! An acronym is formed by combining some parts of some other terms. The U.S. military uses many acronyms and slang words. This page provides a useful list of common military acronyms with infographics. Military Acronyms Here is the list of the commonly used army and military acronyms with their meanings. CASE – Computer-Aided … Read more

LMAO Meaning: What does LMAO Mean? (with Useful Examples)

LMAO Meaning

LMAO Meaning!!! This lesson shows the definition of slang LMAO and all the information related to it with some useful examples. LMAO Meaning What does LMAO Mean? LMAO is an internet acronym, abbreviation or slang that stands for “laughing my ass off”. It is indeed an interesting way to say that something is funny. You … Read more

IIRC Meaning: What does IIRC Mean and Stand for?

IIRC Meaning

IIRC Meaning!!! In this lesson, you’ll see the meaning and usage of the slang IIRC. Besides, we not only give some useful similar terms but also show many interesting examples with other meanings of this term. IIRC Meaning What does IIRC Mean? IIRC is a slang, internet acronym that stands for “If I Recall Correctly“ or “If I … Read more