Cat Names: Top 160+ Most Popular and Cute Kitten Names

Cat Names!!! Choosing a cat name is not easy. The list of cute cat names can help you find the purrfect name for your new cat or kitten.

Cat Names

Male and Female Cat Names

Male Cat Names Female Cat Names
Ziggy Zuzu
Zeus Zoe
Zeke Zelda
Zander Winnie
Xavier Vesper
Walter Velvet
Vincent Ursula
Toby Tulip
Tigger Tammy
Tiger Tabby
Thor Stella
Thomas Sophie
Teddy Skye
Tango Serafina
Sylvester Sassy
Smokey Sasha
Simon Ruby
Simba Rhubarb
Silver Ramona
Shadow Queenie
Sebastian Poppy
Sam Phoebe
Romeo Persephone
Rocky Pepper
Rocco Penny
Rey Ophelia
Rex Olivia
Rascal Nora
Ranger Nala
Prince Moon
Peregrine Molly
Peanut Mochi
Panda Misty
Paco Minerva
Otis Maisie
Oscar Maggie
Oreo Maddie
Ollie Luna
Oliver Lulu
Odin Lucy
Murphy Lola
Milo Lizzie
Midnight Lily
Max Leonie
Lucky Layla
Louie Kiki
Loki Juno
Leonard Josephine
Leo Jasmine
Justice Iris
Joey Hermione
Jasper Hera
Jake Hannah
Jack Gracie
Ivan Gloria
Hunter Ginger
Henry Fiona
Harry Eva
Griffin Ellie
Goose Dinah
Gizmo Diamond
George Delilah
George Daisy
Frankie Dahlia
Finn Cupcake
Felix Coco
Elvis Cleopatra
Eddie Cleo
Dusty Clementine
Diego Cinnamon
Dante Chloe
Chico Catie
Chewy Candy
Chester Callie
Chase Buttercup
Chase Brownie
Charlie Bianca
Cedar Bella
Boo Beatrix
Benny Bailey
Beau Avalon
Bear Ariel
Apollo Angel
Aldo Abby

Colorful Kitten Names

  • Calico: Pixel, Skittles, Hobbes, Pablo
  • White: Blondie, Marshmallow, Snowball
  • Grey: Earl, Sterling, Smokey
  • Orange: Saffron, Butterscotch, Goldie, Apricot
  • Tortoiseshell: Patches, Turtle, Puzzle
  • Black: Magic, Onyx, Salem, Poe
  • Tuxedo: Oreo, Penguin, Sylvester, Bond
  • Tabby: Pebbles, Lion, Pepper, Stripe

Trendy Names for Cats

Male Cats:

  • Simba – Lion
  • Calvin – For hairless cats
  • Oliver – Determined, moody, skilled
  • Gandalf – The wizard in Lord of the Rings
  • Max – A Salmon Basin or large spring
  • Jack – God is Forgiving or God’s gracious gift
  • Shade – Sneaky
  • Mio – Beautiful cherry blossom in Japanese
  • Loki – Norse god of mischief
  • Leo – Lion

Female Cats:

  • Nana – Seven in Japanese
  • Sam (Sammy) – Heard by God
  • Bella – Beautiful
  • Lona – For those cats that are very precious, beautiful and expensive
  • Dove – Graceful, collected, smart
  • Emma – For cats that are whole and complete
  • Lucia – For cats that are bright and light
  • Cadie – For cats that produce melodious sounds
  • Jamila – Beautiful
  • Lily – Gentle, caring, graceful

Example Sentences with “Cat”

  1. The cat was clawing at the leg of the chair.
  2. cat was walking along the top of the fence.
  3. The cat was hiding in the bushes, ready to pounce.
  4. They wouldn’t let their cat outside for fear it would get run over.
  5. We look after the neighbors’ cat while they’re away.
  6. He watched the cat cleaning the milk off her whiskers.
  7. That cat will scratch you with its claws.
  8. He made a frightening noise a little like the miaow of a cat.
  9. I usually feed the neighbor’s cat while she’s away.
  10. I left my cat in trust with a neighbor while I went on holiday.
  11. The kitten was curled on a cushion on the sofa.
  12. She picked up the kitten and put it in the box.
  13. Our new kitten has torn the living room curtains to ribbons.
  14. The kitten is mainly white with black marks on her back.
  15. An old cardboard box makes a comfortable bed for a kitten.

Cute Cat Names | Infographic

Kitten Names: Male and Female Cat Names

Cat Names

Cute Cat Names List

Cat Names

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11 months ago

Hi like all the names and there cute and fun

10 months ago

Hi I have a cat named Strixy. Strixy is a girl.

Last edited 10 months ago by Adelle
10 months ago

this is strixy

Last edited 10 months ago by Adelle
10 months ago

Strixy is my sister Moira’s cat

Nakyra oliver
Nakyra oliver
10 months ago

this is really nice m new baby cat love when i call her baby zoe and her last name is lucky and her ,iddle name is bills so .Zoe lucky bill. is her name

Nakyra oliver
Nakyra oliver
10 months ago

thanks i love you gys yee

Tammy Danielle Shipione
Tammy Danielle Shipione
4 months ago

Great list of names.

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