Calm Down: 32 Creative Ways of Saying “Calm Down” in English

Calm down!!! How to say “calm down” in English? In this article, we discover different ways of saying “calm down” in English with the ESL infographic.

Ways to Say “Calm Down”

Other Ways to Say “Calm Down”

This is a list of 31 other ways to say “calm down” in the English language that you can use instead.

  • Calm
  • Simmer down
  • Quiet
  • Chill out
  • Cool off
  • Settle down
  • Tranquilize
  • Lull
  • Relax
  • Go easy!
  • Take it easy!
  • Give it a rest!
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Slow down
  • Control yourself!
  • Loosen up!
  • Just drop it.
  • Just let it go.
  • Just take a breath.
  • Steady on!
  • Take a chill pill!
  • Hold your horses!

Alternative Phrases to Say “Calm Down”

  • How about a big hug?
  • I see that you are having a difficult time, let me help you.
  • Want to squeeze my hand?
  • If you need to hit something, hit this pillow.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • That can be so frustrating, let’s figure this out together.
  • Count to 10.
  • I see that you are mad, how does that feel in your body?
  • If you are feeling sad, you can tell me about it.
  • Let’s focus on fixing the problem together.

Examples with “Calm Down” Synonyms


  • Glen was calm and composed at the funeral.

Simmer down

  • Come on kids! Simmer down and get on with your work!


  • She was so quiet that her presence was hardly noticed.

Chill out

  • Chill out! We’ll get there on time!

Cool off

  • Leave her to cool off and then talk to her.

Settle down

  • Come on children, stop chatting and settle down, please!


  • Tranquilize mind, evidently improve insomnia, extend sleeping time.


  • The drug put Murphy in a lull for thirty minutes.


  • I don’t know. Just relax, I’ll help you.

Go easy!

  • Hi, July, please go easy on me!

Take it easy!

  • Take it easy. Don’t be so sensitive.

Give it a rest!

  • Give it a rest! You’ve been complaining all day.

Take a deep breath.

  • Take a deep breath, and you will feel relaxed.

Slow down

  • Slow down, I need a minute to catch my breath.

Control yourself!

  • Control yourself, don’t get angry.

Loosen up!

  •  Loosen up. Don’t be so nervous.

Just drop it.

  • Just drop it, man. It’s late and I’m tired.

Steady on!

  • Steady on, dear. Don’t drop the plates you are holding.

Take a chill pill!

  • Hey! There’s no need to get so angry. Take a chill pill!

Hold your horses!

  • Just hold your horses, Bill! Let’s think about this for a moment.

Ways to Say “Calm Down” Infographic

Different Ways to Say “Calm Down”

Ways to Say "Calm Down"

Alternative Phrases to Say “Calm Down” in English

Alternative Phrases to Say "Calm Down"

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