BRAVE Synonym: 22 Different Synonyms for BRAVE in English

Learning Brave Synonym in English!!! What are synonyms for Brave? Here are over 20 fantastic synonyms for Brave you can use.

Brave Synonyms

The full list of Synonyms words for BRAVE is here.

1. Adventurous

Warren was an adventurous businessman.

2. Audacious

Your plan of going abroad is an audacious decision.

3. Confident

She sounded more confident than she felt.

4. Courageous

These women were strong, resourceful and courageous.

5. Daring

Amrita becomes a bold, daring rebel.

6. Dashing

She is dashing along her speech.

7. Fearless

She was fearless and full of energy.

8. Foolhardy

It was foolhardy to go swimming alone.

9. Gallant

She made a gallant attempt to hide her tears.

10. Heroic

Lawrence’s heroic struggle against his destiny

11. Resolute

Her voice sounded calm and resolute.

12. Spirited

He was by nature a spirited little boy.

13. Spunky

She’s so spunky and spirited.

14. Stout

Jacobs was a stout, florid man.

15. Valiant

She made a valiant attempt to laugh.

16. Bold

Amrita becomes a bold, daring rebel.

17. Intrepid

He is not really satisfied with his intrepid action.

18. Reckless

He is very reckless when he is drunk.

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List of Brave Synonyms

Brave Synonyms

BRAVE Synonym: 22 Different Synonyms for BRAVE in English 1

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