Being Polite: 12 Basic Expressions for Being Polite in English

Being Polite!!! Learn Useful Phrases to Be Polite in English. Here are some expressions for being polite in English.

Being Polite in English

Don’t Say: That’s a bad idea.

Say: I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.


Don’t Say: Can I smoke here?

Say: Would you mind if I smoked here?


Don’t Say: Come here.

Say: Could you come here?


Don’t Say: This report is awful.

Say: This report is not really up to standard.


Don’t Say: No. (No Synonym)

Say: No, thanks.


Don’t Say: Can I borrow your pencil?

Say: Could I borrow your pencil?


Don’t Say: Leave me alone.

Say: Sorry, I’m a bit busy right now.


Don’t Say: It’s hot, open the window.

Say: Do you mind if I open the window?


Don’t Say: Let me know when you’re available.

Say: Please let me know when you’re available.


Don’t Say: I hate this color.

Say: I am not too fond of this color. (Color Vocabulary)


Don’t Say: Your work isn’t good.

Say: I’m not quite satisfied with this work.


Don’t Say: Sit down, please.

Say: Take/ have a seat, please.

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Being Polite

Useful Phrases to Be Polite in English

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