19 Popular Expressions for Asking for Information

Phrases for asking for information!!! If you need to ask someone for information, you can use some common English expressions for asking for information as below.

English Phrases for Asking for Information

Here are 19 English phrases you can use to ask somebody for the information you need.

  • I’m looking for…
  • I’d like to know…
  • Do you know…?
  • Could you tell me…?
  • Can you tell me…?
  • Do you have any idea…?
  • I don’t suppose you know…?
  • I’m calling to find out…
  • I wonder if someone could tell me…?
  • Do you happen to know…?
  • Have you got an idea of…?
  • Don’t suppose you (would) know…?
  • Can I have … please?
  • Is this right way for …? (Asking for and Giving Directions)
  • Would you mind…?
  • Could anyone tell me…?
  • I’m interested in…
  • I wonder if you could tell me…?
  • I was wondering…

Asking Someone for Information | Infographic

Asking for Information

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