Apple of My Eye: What Is the Meaning of “Apple of One’s Eye?

Apple of my eye!!! What does the term “apple of one’s eye” mean?

Apple of My Eye

Meaning of “Apple of My Eye”

“Apple of my eye” is an idiom because the meaning of this phrase does not involve apples within people’s eyes. Thus, such meanings do not involve the actual meanings of the words within the phrase.

This phrase means a person treasures one thing over another; being very fond of someone or something.

If someone is the apple of your eye, you think he/she is very important to you, and you love him/her very much. This idiom is used especially when someone is loved by an older member of his/her family.

For example:

  • He loved his son, but his daughter was the apple of his eye.
  • I had two grown daughters, and when I lost the first one, this one became the apple of my eye.
  • Erika is Mark’s only granddaughter, and she’s the apple of his eye.
  • Sarah’s only son was the apple of her eye.
  • I can’t wait to see his wife tomorrow. She is the apple of my eye!
  • John was his first child and the apple of his eye.
  • Among the siblings, she is the apple of her father’s eye because she is the prettiest and the smartest.
  • Jenny has the biggest budget for anybody in our company. She’s clearly the apple of our president’s eye.
  • Susan has five sons. She loves them all dearly, but her youngest is the apple of her eye.

“Apple of My Eye” Synonyms

  • Cherish
  • Treasure
  • Hold dear
  • Light of my eyes
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetie
  • Favorite
  • Loved
  • Favorite
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Common Idioms about Fruits

  • Peaches and cream: A situation that has no trouble or problems
  • Cool as a cucumber: Calm even in difficult or frustrating situations
  • plum job: An easy, pleasant job that also pays well
  • As red as a cherry: Very red
  • A bite at the cherry: An opportunity to achieve something
  • To go bananas: To go crazy
  • The cherry on the cake: The final thing that makes something perfect
  • Second banana: A person in a subservient position
  • Go pear-shaped: To fail; to go wrong
  • Full of beans: It means to be full of energy and excitement.
  • To have a pea brain: It means to be unintelligent or stupid
  • Two peas in a pod: It means to be exactly the same as someone else. Normally exhibiting the same personality traits.
  • Bad apple: It means to be a bad person.
  • Banana republic: It means to be a weak or corrupt country.
  • A bowl of cherries: It means life is easy and beautiful.
  • Carrot top: A person with red or orange hair

Popular English Idioms about Fruits

Idioms about Fruits

Useful Eye Idioms in English

  • Believe one’s eyes: To believe what one is seeing
  • Catch (someone’s) eye: To attract someone’s attention
  • Close one’s eyes to (something): To ignore something, to pretend that something is not really happening
  • Eagle eye: A very careful watchful eye
  • Evil eye: The power to harm people just by looking at them
  • Eyes are bigger than one’s stomach: One takes more food than one can eat
  • Get a black eye: To get a bruise near one’s eye from being hit, to have one’s reputation harmed
  • Have a good eye for (something): To be able to judge something correctly, to have good taste in something
  • In a pig’s eye: Never
  • Keep an eye on (someone or something): To watch someone or something carefully, to take care of someone or something
  • Make eyes at (someone): to try to attract someone, to flirt with someone
  • Pull the wool over eyes: To deceive someone, to fool someone, to trick someone
  • In your mind’s eye: In your imagination or memory
  • Turn a blind eye: To ignore something intentionally
  • See eye to eye: Agree
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Useful Eye Idioms in English

Eye Idioms

Apple of My Eye Infographic

What Does “Apple of My Eye” Mean?

Apple of My Eye

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