Another Word for ACCORDING TO: 35 Ways of Saying “According to” in English

Another word for “according to”!!! On this page, we will find all the ways of saying “according to” in English with example sentences and ESL infographic.

According to Synonyms

Ways of Saying “According to”

  • Referring to
  • As per
  • In agreement with
  • AB related
  • As believed by
  • In accordance with
  • As said by
  • In the opinion of
  • As claimed by
  • AB stated
  • In the light of
  • In line with
  • As determined by
  • Pursuant to
  • As you can see
  • In relation to
  • Consistent with
  • As explained by
  • In AB’s opinion
  • Conforming to
  • Subject to
  • As mentioned by
  • Based on
  • As far as I know
  • As part of …
  • On the authority of
  • As reported by
  • In conformity with
  • As stated in/ by
  • In keeping with
  • As specified by
  • In consideration of
  • In proportion to
  • As maintained by
  • In consonance with

According to Synonyms with Examples

Referring to

  • Referring to my conversation with you today, I now enclose an order sheet for the hosiery as specified.

As per

  • As per your request, we have marked the cases with gross, tare, and net weights.

In agreement with

  • In agreement with the above-mentioned data, this effect is also observed in HeLa cells.

In accordance with

  • In accordance with her wishes, she was buried in France.

In the opinion of

  • In the opinion of his fellow-writers and critics, Mr. Calvino was a world-class author.

In the light of

  • In the light of these changes, we must revise our plan.
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As determined by

  • As determined by the ice crystal geometry, the Moon is 22 degrees from the lovely paraselene.

Pursuant to

  • There was no claim for possession pursuant to the proviso for forfeiture.

As you can see

  • As you can see from the weather map, huge rain clouds are completely covering the South East.

In relation to

  • The money he’d been ordered to pay was minimal in relation to his salary.

Consistent with

  • What you say now is not consistent with what you said last week.

Conforming to

  • Conforming to the new regulations will add to the cost of the project.

Based on

  • Based on the edge of Lake Matt, Sunbeam Yachts started boatbuilding in 1870.

As far as I know

  • As far as I know, they’re arriving on Saturday.

As part of …

  • As part of the treatment, he attended 15 weeks of after-care.

In conformity with

  • In conformity with your instructions, we have the goods insured against All Risks.

As stated in/ by

  • As stated in the supplement, heritage erosion is due to ignorance, and not wanton destruction.

In keeping with

  • In keeping with tradition, they always have turkey on Christmas Day.

As specified by

  • The inside diameter of fitting should match the inside diameter of the pipe as specified by the purchaser.

In consideration of

  • In consideration of our old friendship, I forgave him.

In proportion to

  • Spices had a high value in proportion to their weight.

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