Adjectives that Start with W: List of 100 Different Adjectives Beginning with W

Adjectives that start with W!!! What are the adjectives that start with W in the English language? Click here to find out! These vocabulary books will further help you build your vocabulary, especially at advanced levels.

Adjectives that Start with W

An adjective is a word that defines, qualifies, or modifies the meaning of a noun, or more rarely of a pronoun. It expresses a quality or attribute of the word it qualifies.

  • I always buy cotton clothes that are easily washable.
  • He is a very difficult character. He manipulates people.
  • We always celebrate our wedding anniversary with dinner in an expensive restaurant.

Common Adjectives that Start with W

Here is a list of adjectives that start with W.

  1. Willful
  2. Wry
  3. Wrong
  4. Writhing
  5. Withering
  6. Wretched
  7. Wrathful
  8. Worthy
  9. Wondrous
  10. Worthwhile
  11. Worthless
  12. Worst
  13. Wagering
  14. Worse
  15. Worrisome
  16. Worried
  17. Waid
  18. Worn
  19. Worldly
  20. Workable
  21. Wailful
  22. Wordy
  23. Woozy
  24. Wooden
  25. Walkable
  26. Wonderful
  27. Womanly
  28. Woeful
  29. Woebegone
  30. Wobbly
  31. Wallowish
  32. Witty
  33. Wistful
  34. Wise
  35. Walty
  36. Wiry
  37. Winged
  38. Windy
  39. Winding
  40. Wandy
  41. Wilted
  42. Willing
  43. Wild
  44. Wiggly
  45. Wankle
  46. Wide-eyed
  47. Wide
  48. Wicked
  49. Whopping
  50. Wanned
  51. Wholesale
  52. Whole
  53. White
  54. Wannish
  55. Whispering
  56. Whispered
  57. Whirlwind
  58. Wantless
  59. Whimsical
  60. Which
  61. Wet
  62. Well-worn
  63. Ward
  64. Well-to-do
  65. Well-off
  66. Well-made
  67. Well-lit
  68. Washable
  69. Well-informed
  70. Well-groomed
  71. Welcome
  72. Weird
  73. Weighty
  74. Weepy
  75. Weekly
  76. Wee
  77. Webbed
  78. Weary
  79. Wealthy
  80. Weak
  81. Wavy
  82. Watery
  83. Waterlogged
  84. Watchful
  85. Wasteful
  86. Wary
  87. Warped
  88. Warmhearted
  89. Warm
  90. Warlike
  91. Wanting
  92. Warlock
  93. Wandering
  94. Wan
  95. Wakeful
  96. Waiting
  97. Waggish
  98. Warmful
  99. Wacky
  100. Wartless

Adjectives that Start with W Examples


  • He dressed like a willful teenager, favoring jeans so tattered you could see his boxer shorts through them.


  • He gave her a wry look, something between amusement and regret.


  • Of course, I was wrong; it would be hypocritical to pretend otherwise.


  • He and four other senators were writhing in the glare of unfavorable publicity.


  • Rotten had also adopted an increasingly withering view of his colleagues.


  • I felt so wretched because I thought I might never see you again.


  • She was exceedingly wrathful and struck at Hurstwood, who dodged.


  • This subject is intrinsically interesting and worthy of study in its own right.


  • It is full to the brim of a wondrous liquid, which will bring abundance into your life.


  • The teacher recommended some really worthwhile novels to his students.


  • I’m glad that Alice has finished with that worthless young man.


  • Rubbing this special cream into the insect bite will help to take away the worst of the pain.


  • This led to the wagering sport of Greyhound racing when the mechanical rabbit was invented in 1912.


  • The conditions they’re living in are worse than we thought.


  • The traveling burglars are worrisome because they are hard to catch.


  • I was worried that it might be too difficult for me but I found the contrary.


  • Traditionally, white flannels are worn when playing cricket.


  • We generally promise each other all our worldly goods.


  • In short, a spreadsheet can provide a workable method of record keeping.


  • Many people came to console the wailful widow.


  • Using the active voice helps you be direct and keeps your sentences from being too wordy.


  • I couldn’t stand on my left leg and my head was woozy from hitting the ground.


  • Gradually pour the liquid into the flour, working it in carefully with a wooden spoon.


  • With gas at $4 a gallon, there’s never been a better time to live in a walkable neighborhood.


  • Her mind seemed to be wandering and she didn’t recognize us.


  • He managed to open his eyes now and give her a wan smile.


  • I am eager and wakeful, I am a stranger in a strange land.

Adjectives that Start with W Infographic

Useful List of Adjectives that start with W

Adjectives that Start with W

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