Adjectives that Start with V: 100 Different Adjectives that Start with V

Adjectives that start with V!!! There are many different adjectives that start with V. And of those, there are many adjectives that start with V to describe a person. Here are some common and uncommon adjectives that start with V in English with examples and ESL infographic.

Adjectives that Start with V

An adjective is a part of speech that modifies a noun or a pronoun by qualifying, specifying, or describing it. Generally, an adjective modifies a noun by answering one of the following questions: Which? What kind? How many?

  • This agreement is very ambiguous and open to various interpretations.
  • A good neighbor is better than a bother in the next village.
  • She had thick black hair and smooth dark skin.

Adjectives Starting with V in English

  1. Valiant
  2. Variolic
  3. Vulgar
  4. Valvular
  5. Voracious
  6. Veridical
  7. Vaccine
  8. Voluminous
  9. Variolar
  10. Validatory
  11. Volatile
  12. Verified
  13. Vaporific
  14. Voiceless
  15. Vagal
  16. Vivid
  17. Vainglorious
  18. Vivacious
  19. Vacillant
  20. Versatile
  21. Valorous
  22. Vaporing
  23. Vital
  24. Vanadic
  25. Visible
  26. Vagient
  27. Virtuous
  28. Very
  29. Vaporous
  30. Variform
  31. Virtual
  32. Vaporish
  33. Violet
  34. Vaginal
  35. Vulnerary
  36. Violent
  37. Vandal
  38. Vestal
  39. Vaginant
  40. Villainous
  41. Variolitic
  42. Vandalic
  43. Vaulting
  44. Vigorous
  45. Vandyke
  46. Vigilant
  47. Vaporish
  48. Vagrant
  49. Vehement
  50. Valved
  51. Victorious
  52. Vicious
  53. Vaporose
  54. Valerianic
  55. Vibrant
  56. Venerable
  57. Vexed
  58. Versed
  59. Veteran
  60. Vapory
  61. Vagus
  62. Verifiable
  63. Verdant
  64. Vanward
  65. Veracious
  66. Venomous
  67. Vallar
  68. Vengeful
  69. Viable
  70. Venerated
  71. Vexatious
  72. Velvety
  73. Varietal
  74. Vast
  75. Vibratile
  76. Various
  77. Vociferous
  78. Variable
  79. Volitional
  80. Vapid
  81. Volant
  82. Virile
  83. Valuable
  84. Voluptuous
  85. Varicose
  86. Valid
  87. Vain
  88. Visionary
  89. Vague
  90. Vaporable
  91. Valued
  92. Vagabond
  93. Vacuous
  94. Vocal
  95. Vacant
  96. Verdurous
  97. Valvate
  98. Varied
  99. Vapored
  100. Variorum

Adjectives that Start with V Examples


  • Tarr threw himself in front of a train in a valiant effort to save the child.


  • He was a vulgar old man, but he never swore in front of a woman.


  • I told him that in my opinion, he was suffering from valvular disease and that there was probably considerable dilation.


  • He was a voracious reader with a compulsion to finish everything he started.


  • How can we take their experiences as veridical reports of the afterlife?



  • A portfolio of more volatile securities is more likely to generate capital losses than a portfolio composed of less volatile securities.


  • Lawrence apparently has no wish to be verified by rock’s steering committee.


  • The relations between the oiled vaporific pressure, the time constants of the electrical equipment and the limited rotational sp…


  • The voiceless bilabial stop in pin and the one in spin are in complementary distribution.


  • While this is commonly agreed upon, the vagal innervation of idioventricular pacemakers is not.


  • On Wednesday night I had a very vivid dream which really upset me.


  • It is very vainglorious for you to think that the truth is on your side.


  • He married a vivacious girl called Sarah who he met at university.


  • I found the Vulcan to be a highly versatile jacket – great for hillwalking, spring skiing, and everyday use.


  • Its movements are short and small, but fast and valorous, and have the forceful and imposing manner.


  • She knows that the rich brocade never loves the vaporing character, the in the mind is suffused with to have expectancy.


  • The President said the agreement would allow other vital problems to be dealt with.


  • Kim received the news without showing any visible signs of emotion.


  • The region is valued for its coal and vast electricity-generating capacity.


  • They were at the opposite pole from the self-important, vacuous management.


  • He has been very vocal in his criticism of the government’s policy.


  • They may headhunt her for the vacant position of Executive Producer.


  • The verdurous mulberries remember the first time she went picking mulberry leaves.

Adjectives that Start with V Infographic

List of Adjectives that Start with V

Adjectives that Start with V

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