Adjectives that Start with O: 100 Useful Adjectives Beginning with O

Adjectives that start with O!!! In this article, we provide a list of adjectives that start with O in English. Each adjective or adjective group has an example sentence to illustrate usage.

Adjectives that Start with O

Adjectives are words that describe the qualities or states of being of nounslovely, intelligent, pink, heavy, fun, slow. They can also describe the quantity of nouns: much, few, billions, twelve.

  • She was an extremely intelligent child and soon pulled away from the rest of the class.
  • The heavy rain might settle the changeable weather.
  • After twelve years, he decided to separate from the firm.

Adjectives Starting with O in English

Here is the list of adjectives that start with O.

  • Overwrought
  • Obliging
  • Overt
  • Occupied
  • Offhanded
  • Oaken
  • Overrated
  • Obtuse
  • Overlooked
  • Offside
  • Oaten
  • Overjoyed
  • Omnipotent
  • Overdue
  • Occurrent
  • Overcooked
  • Obdurate
  • Opaque
  • Overconfident
  • Oval
  • Objective
  • Opportune
  • Outstanding
  • Outrageous
  • Oblate
  • Opposing
  • Outlying
  • Outlandish
  • Obligate
  • Outgoing
  • Opposed
  • Our
  • Offish
  • Other
  • Obligated
  • Ossified
  • Orthodox
  • Ornery
  • Odorous
  • Ornate
  • Obligatory
  • Original
  • Ostentatious
  • Organic
  • Ordinary
  • Offshore
  • Oblique
  • Orderly
  • Orange
  • Obstetric
  • Opulent
  • Obliterate
  • Optimistic
  • Optimal
  • Opposite
  • Obovate
  • Open
  • Only
  • Onerous
  • Obscure
  • One
  • Omniscient
  • Observable
  • Old-fashioned
  • Old
  • Oily
  • Observing
  • Official
  • Offensive
  • Obsessive
  • Offbeat
  • Oddball
  • Obsolescent
  • Odd
  • Oceanic
  • Odorless
  • Occasional
  • Obvious
  • Occlusive
  • Obtainable
  • Obsolete
  • Officious
  • Observant
  • Occluded
  • Obsequious
  • Obscene
  • Occipital
  • Obnoxious
  • Oblong
  • Ocellated
  • Oblivious
  • Occult
  • Obese
  • Occidental
  • Obeisant
  • Obedient
  • Oafish
  • Obstetrical
  • Odious
  • Offhand

Adjectives that Start with O Examples


  • Clara was tired and overwrought after all the problems of the last few days.


  • They were not as obliging as she was about disappearing before the weekly workshop.


  • We found few examples of overt harassment among our sample of professionals.


  • The army is making a well-phrased withdrawal from the occupied country.


  • A couple of bullets split the heavy oaken door before it shook under the onslaught of the enemy ram.


  • The allegedly good baseball weather is overrated, especially at night.


  • Maybe I’m being obtuse, but I don’t understand what you’re so upset about.


  • Gloucester was offside at the ruck and Barnes kicked the goal.


  • She was overjoyed when the doctor told her that her newborn baby is healthy and normal.


  • Police culture is omnipotent is structuring such views of critical research.


  • We welcome this announcement and think it’s long overdue.


  • The potatoes were a little overcooked, but delicious all the same.


  • A third group was obdurate and still wanted to wait and see.


  • The story is convoluted and opaque, often to the point of total obscurity.


  • He proved overconfident on the witness stand, misremembering a key piece of evidence.


  • The plant has oval green leaves marbled with brownish-purple.


  • Try to be objective if you want to spend your money wisely.


  • This would seem to be an opportune moment for reviving our development plan.


  • These are the prizes given for the most outstanding British theatrical performances of the year.


  • Newspapers publish these outrageous stories because they know what their public wants.


  • The earth is an oblate spheroid – a sphere with flattened poles and a slight bulge the equator.


  • He was very respectful at home and obedient to his parents.


  • The bodyguards, as usual, were brave but oafish.


  • To investigate the liquid resuscitation in approach to the treatment of the obstetrical hemorrhagic shock.


  • Herr Schmidt is certainly the most odious man I have ever met.


  • An observant shop assistant had remembered exactly what the man was wearing.


  • During both periods, occluded accesses were directed to surgical thrombectomy.


  • She is almost embarrassingly obsequious to anyone in authority.

Adjectives that Start with O Infographic

Adjectives that Start with O in English

Adjectives that Start with O

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